About Dr. Salzer

Alicia Salzer MD


After completing a BA in Psychology at The University of Pennsylvania in 1988, Alicia Salzer went on to pursue an MD from Cornell University Medical College in New York. In 1993, she completed a Psychiatric Internship at The Payne Whitney Institute of New York Hospital followed by a Psychiatric Residency at Harbor UCLA in Los Angeles from 1994 – 1997. She has held several prestigious academic appointments including Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Columbia University Faculty of Medicine, and Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at The Mount Sinai School of Medicine in NY.


Dr. Salzer has worked in a variety of medical and psychiatric settlings, contributing to a broad scope of knowledge with access to varied approaches to helping her clients. After volunteering at Ground Zero following 9/11, she worked for 3 years at a New York City mental health clinic exclusively for Ground Zero personnel. She has also worked extensively in both InPatient Psychiatric and Psychiatric Emergency Room settings. For several years she worked with traumatized NYC transit workers and served as a PTSD trauma expert-witness. She has also worked as the After-Care Director at the Montel Williams show, ensuring that guests of the show were able to obtain high quality mental health care and social support when they returned home. She cofounded a medical urgent care center in NYC and currently maintains a Private Practice near Wall Street.


You may have seen Dr. Salzer on CNN where she has been a guest Psychiatric Expert for Anderson Cooper and Soledad O’Brien. She has also appeared on the Montel Williams show, Fox and Friends, Jami Floyd’s “Best Defense”, the Joy Behar show and others. Prior to working in TV, Dr. Salzer co-hosted a daily 3-hour radio talk show on Los Angeles’ Groove Radio 103.1 FM and has also been a guest host on SIRIUS Satellite Radio’s “Doctor Radio”, “Medical Mondays with Derek and Romaine”, “Larry Flick” and the “Michelangelo Signorile” show. Dr. Salzer has also worked behind the camera as the director and producer of two documentary films and several Public Service Announcements with a focus on the interface between human rights and mental health.


Dr. Salzer’s private practice in Psychiatry consists of a variety of clients between the ages of 20-60. While some clients seek Psychopharmacology or medication management, others are seen strictly for Psychotherapy. Many are corporate executives or professionals who work in the Wall Street area, while others are young people starting their careers, parents, or couples. Issues treated include diagnoses such as Anxiety, Insomnia, Substance Abuse, Depression, ADHD, Social Anxiety, OCD, Phobia, Panic as well as life challenges such as Separation Divorce Infidelity, career challenges/changes/dissatisfaction, stress associated with infertility IVF, miscarriage, LBGTQ related issues, couples therapy, anger management, gambling addiction, sex addiction, difficulty getting along with others, workplace conflicts, lack of motivation or direction, grief/bereavement, etc.