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In March of 2020, when most Psychiatrists and Therapists switched to Teletherapy or Telepsychiatry, we suspected it would be a short lived change.

However we didn’t anticipate that patients would really like receiving psychiatric treatment virtually.  Now, the vast majority of my clients actually prefer to be seen virtually, and here’s why:

Teletherapy is Convenient

Without time wasted commuting to and from therapy, it’s easier to fit a session in to your busy schedule

Teletherapy Feels Safer

Many of my clients relate that from the safety of their own couch in the privacy of their own home, they feel safer delving into topics that might bring up strong feelings.

They appreciate that they don’t have to walk out of my office, through a waiting room,  and onto a subway feeling upset about a topic they just discussed in treatment. Also, for some, the emotional space that therapy affords makes it feel easier to be honest about things that might feel shameful, stigmatizing or just plain hard to talk about in person.

Teletherapy Protects Your Privacy

Some clients don’t like the idea of sitting in a waiting room where they might be seen by someone they know, or someone who knows them.  Other’s don’t want to have to check in with security as they enter the building, they simply enjoy the anonymity of receiving treatment not under the gaze of others.

Teletherapy Increases Access to High Quality Care

In the past, you needed to see someone who was conveniently commutable from where you lived or worked.  With Teletherapy or Telepsychiatry, you are free to choose a practitioner who has the most expertise, not just someone nearby.

Teletherapy is Effective

Many recent studies have supported what is obvious to clinicians doing Teletherapy and Telepsychiatry, For most diagnoses, it is equally as effective as in person treatment.  However, there is the added benefit that teletherapy clients are actually less likely to drop out of treatment and more likely to remain in treatment longer than face to face clients.

Teletherapy Feels Connected

While there is certainly “something special” about a face to face interaction, I have observed that my virtual clients and I nonetheless manage to develop a true rapport.  Perhaps it is the intimacy of doing therapy on your own turf, on your comfy couch, with your cat, or your spouse nearby. Like many in my profession, I was skeptical of how connected my clients and I would feel when not in person, but after over a year of walking through the many ups and downs and triumphs and tragedies in my client’s lives, the vast majority of my patients tell me they feel cared for, connected, and very much prefer virtual treatment.

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