I’ve been seeing Dr. Salzer on and off for nine years. She’s great at listening to my concerns and making me feel like I’m driving the course of my treatment, not that it’s being dictated to me, but still with the benefit of her expertise. I initially chose her because I thought that a fellow Ivy League graduate would be able to resonate with my problems; and I haven’t been wrong.

Charles R.

Best therapist in New York, if you can get time with, her take it. She’s life changing.

Shreyak M.

Dr. Salzer will know you and always get you. She wants you to grow. That’s the most important thing about her. She wants you to grow. And she has for me. 100% recommended.

Scott W.

Honestly, the best therapist in New York City. My life was changed from day one. I’ve referred multiple friends to her practice – two of whom have become regular patients and also have had life-altering experiences with her. While some therapists prefer to sit back and listen the entire appointment, Dr. Salzer offers thoughtful advice and genuinely participates in the conversation. She gives real-world advice – even if it’s not the advice you want to hear. She’s very straight forward and offers very tangible solutions for moving your life forward.

Anonymous Zocdoc Review

No exaggeration, the most thorough psychiatrist I have seen over the last 20+ years. Very detailed analysis of my history. Comprehensive approach to my current symptoms. Compassionate, wise, rooted in modern psychiatry, and holistic in terms of identifying tools for resilience and triggers. I am recommending her to everyone I know, including my mother!

Anonymous Zocdoc Review

Dr Salzer is fantastic. I’m in my second month with her, and feel great progress in my treatment. Good listener, great input and she is present.

Laura M.

Dr. Salzer is the best of the best. She is very smart, filled with empathy, an active listener. She has helped me through very turbulent periods and I very highly recommend her.

John P.

Dr. Salzer was incredibly helpful. She has a warm and welcoming demeanor which made me feel at ease. Dr. Salzer was also able to provide very relevant information which I was able to use in my daily life. I highly recommend!

Masha G.

Dr. Alicia’s nuance for rooting out your concerns (ones you didn’t even know you should/could/would have, trust me) and working together as a team, is impeccable. Life saver for both my best friend and I.

Anonymous Zocdoc Review

I have been seeing Dr. Salzer for two or three years. I have seen a lot of therapists in the past 14 years, and she has been one of my favorites. She is attentive and receptive, but also participates in the sessions and offers valuable feedback and insights. She’s a very friendly and calming presence, without coming off as not genuine or fake. I appreciate that she contributes her own background, education, interests, and experiences, rather than completely removing her own identity from her treatment.

Anonymous Zocdoc Review

Simply amazing, informative, patient, friendly. Where most people would feel insecure or even embarrassed about any mental health challenges, Dr. Salzer truly ensures you that you are just as “normal” as anybody else.

Taariq J.

Dr. Salzer is both highly professional and empathetic. She genuinely wants to know how you’re doing, and it feels more like a team effort between psychiatrist and client when determining what the next steps are.